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ATI 2FT 8x24W Hybrid Power module

ATI 2FT 8x24W Hybrid Power module

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2FT ATI 8 x 24Watt + 1 x 75Watt LED Hybrid Power module

Hybrid Technology combines the advantages of LED and well known ATI T5 technology in one High Quality product, this enables us to produce a highly efficient light pendant with a high biological significance for the growth of corals.

Superior Light Output of up to 1000 PAR at a distance of
30cm is possible with up to 30% increase in brightness than the
similar sized ATI Powermodule.

Uniform Light Distribution at a wide area below the
pendant. Hereby your aquarium will be illuminated more equally
and you are more flexible to place stoney Corals (SPS).

Ideal Coral Illumination Arrangement to replicate ideal lighting as replicated in nature is best achieved with a combination of straightened LED Light and diffused T5 Light. This combination leads to a less shadowing of Corals which affects both colour and growth.

Free Color Design ith 4 separat controllable color channels (Blue, Royalblue,White, Red) for each cluster, you are almost unlimited in setting up your own colors.

Established Colors - We provide the LED clusters presetted with our well known T5 colors to give you an established color setting for your LEDs and an easy Start-Up.

High Efficient Electronic: An LED is just as efficient as the electronics driving the light source, ATI decided to use the best
components and the best LED drivers with an efficiency of up to 95%, this being far higher than the current industry standard.

Phenomenal Optics are achieved by the use of silver reflectors used to focus the light with an reflection rate of 98%. An important fact which differs silver reflectors from other optics like aluminium reflectors or lenses which have an efficiency of around 80-90%.

Premium LED: We utilize the latest LED technology from market leading manufacturer for unmatched performance.

Exchangeable LED-Clusters: The LED technology will evolve in the next few years, with ATI exchangeable LED Clusters, you are able to change clusters in future against the latest technology to benefit from further LED development.

Comfortable Programming with PC-Software: Besides the integrated controller, the intuitive, computer-based control software makes adjusting your lighting simple. For example, we programmed a time lapse function where you are able to simulate your individual programme of a day within a few minutes live at your aquarium.

The biological quality of light is critical to our corals. But what is meant by biological quality light?

It is in this case not only pure radiation intensity, which can be measured for example with a PAR-meter.

Rather, the actual usable radiation component is crucial, which can from the coral (and their symbiotic algae) are actually used for energy.

For corals it is irrelevant whether the photon of light from an LED, a fluorescent lamp or a Metal Halide Lamp (HQI) is generated.

It is just as important as the high intensity radiation (PAR) is how the radiation composition (percentage of individual spectral / PUR) of radiation and in what angle the radiation hits the coral.

LED technology is technically considered an advancement, however, the sheer intensity of radiation is not all.

In addition to the correct range with a high proportion of blue, it is important how the light hits the coral.

This leads to a very directional light, which comes from a small point of light, to a much greater self-shadowing of the coral as a soft diffused light, as it is generated by a T5 lamp.

The following pictures show a stony coral (Pocillopora), each with different light sources. Figure 1. Figure 2. The LED is located centrally over the pelvis. The side T5 lamps are connected to the LED.

Fig. 1                                                                                                                   Fig. 2
As you can see from the pictures, this is the case of pure LED light (Fig. 1) and significantly more darkened areas on the coral.
The additional T5 lamps (Fig. 2) eliminate the dark areas. Even now light falls at points where it was before dark.
The diffused light from T5 irradiates corals evenly from all sides, whereby the coral is able to absorb more light and therefore used for the production of energy.
From the perspective of the coral there is therefore significant differences between specular and diffused LED light or T5 light with the same intensity of radiation (PAR).
In diffused T5 light is more laterally scattered when light hits the coral, causing more issues with radiation.
A coral, which is however, only one side of a lit LED spot is not completely supplied with radiation and can thereby have a different growth pattern.
High measured radiation intensities (PAR) of punctual light sources are therefore no guarantee for an optimal supply of light hungry corals.
For the evaluation of the biological importance of different lights the simple comparison of the technical data or the measured PAR values alone is not sufficient.
For example, a slightly lower PAR value well be better for a coral, when simultaneously, the radiation is more diffuse and thereby more radiation to the lateral tissue (epidermis) meets the coral.
The new ATI Hybrid Power Module to the respective strengths of the individual light sources complement each other perfectly and simultaneously compensate for any deficiency.
The T5 lighting provides a diffuse, uniform and intense irradiation of corals from nearly all sides.
A dense natural growth habit and intensive colours in corals is thereby promoted.
The uniform illumination also allows flexible positioning of light-hungry corals in the aquarium.
Efficient LED technology in conjunction with the easy programmability of the T5 lamps offers an incredible variety of individual settings.
This provides diverse lighting scenarios with simulated set special accents and of course the popular "LED Shimmer Effect" to simulate a natural reef in a reef tank or aquarium.

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