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Easy Reefs EasyArt 50 (50ml)

Easy Reefs EasyArt 50 (50ml)

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For culture, growing and maintenance of artemia, molluscs and other crustaceans.

Composition: easy reefs® Tetraselmis (100%) microalgae species. 

Dosage: The dosage depends on the density of the artemia we are feeding. The consumption is 4 ml of Easyart per 10 litres of culture per day for the first 5 days, (nauplius and metanauplius) and 8 ml of Easyart per 10 litres of culture per day from day 5 of culture (juvenile artemia and adult). If the water of the artemia culture goes clear a few hours after adding Easyart (microalgae have been ingested), then more Easyart must be added. 

Example for artemia culture in 10 litres
1. Hatch the artemia cysts following the manufacturer directions. 

2. Once they have hatched, wait 6 hours and start feeding with Easyart. 

3. Put 0.5 litres of seawater in a glass blender. 

4.-Add 4 ml of Easyart and disperse the microalgae by shaking. 

5. Remove 0.5 L of water from the culture so the next algae batch can be prepared. 

6. Slowly add the microalgae to the tank to avoid sediment suspension.



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