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Jebao Wave Maker WP-25

Jebao Wave Maker WP-25

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Jebao Wave Maker WP-25

wave makers + controller

Product Description
For use in smaller tanks the variable voltage power supply is recommended. Because the power of the pump can be a bit much at full power in many applications.


● Easy installation and maintenance, Fixed with magnetic
suction and absorption tray for selection
● Easily direct wave by rotating in C style bracket (very similar to Tunze).

●6 Different modes. Max (2,000 / 1,500 / 1,000 GPH) 3 Types of stream mode.

● High performance, powerful water flow and low energy consumption.
● Ceramic shaft can for long life.
● Intelligent controlling system come pre-programmed with existing wave patterns.

● Light sensor reduces speed when lights go out to allow corals and fish to sleep.
● Low voltage operation, safe and reliable.
● Suitable for fresh water and marine water.

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