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JoesJuice 20 ml

JoesJuice 20 ml

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JoesJuice* is an easy to use Reef safe product that will kill Aiptasia and Majano anemones. * PATENT PENDING JoesJuice is a TradeMark of JoesJuice.Com, LLC
Reef Safe Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple Feeding can be done with the lights on Aitpasia and Majano DO NOT retract while being fed No injection required No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application No effects on water chemistry Results in minutes not hours Applicator included Plastic applicator control flow tip elminates spillage and increases feeding accuarcy

20 MLS can eliminate 20 to 50 Aipatasia and Majano anemones depending on their size and your feeding habits.

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