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Kalk King Doser

Kalk King Doser

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Kalk King Doser

Aims to be an affordable and fool proof kalkwasser doser.

The Kalk King is a kalkwasser doser for adding saturated limewater to your reef tank either in conjunction with float switches, automated and with failsafe to prevent overdosing.
Kalk King Doser system includes:

    Computer controlled kalkwasser mixer + stirrer
    Computer controlled Variable rate water auto top off
    Accurate pH controller
    Magnet easy-mount float switch
    Premium check valves
    All accessories to hook everything up

The Kalk King consists of an acrylic mixing chamber that is 6.5”L x 3.3”W x 14”H, so a little bit fatter than a typical hang on filter or skimmer. Small DC pumps are included to both mix the kalk slurry and for dosing to the aquarium, both of which are controlled by a central computer. The Kalk King’s computer/controller allows users to adjust the mixing intervals and the drip rate of your feed pump.

Where the Kalk King departs from the norm is with the inclusion of a pH monitor which automatically turns off the dosing of Kalkwasser should the pH get too high. Other accessories like included check valves, tubing, magnetic float switch help to make sure that installation of the Kalk King is everything you need and as streamlined as possible.

Some other perks of the Kalk King is that it serves additional functions of being a pH monitor, an automatic top off (ATO) device and a calcium & alkalinity dosing mechanism while using a single power cord to do so.

The hang-on design of the Kalk King is suitable for placement on tanks, although most of us will want to get it on the sump.

There’s an “Integrated water auto top off sub-system for feeding the kalkwasser reaction chamber”, a mechanical float switch for replacing spent water from the Kalk King’s reaction chamber. Finally, the Kalk King can be programmed to dose between 100ml and 20,000ml (5 gallons) per day which is good enough for reef tanks up to 500 gallons.

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