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New Era Rift Lake Cichlid Pellet Red 1.5mm 120g

New Era Rift Lake Cichlid Pellet Red 1.5mm 120g

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New Era is changing! Soon the name will change to Vitalis...Don't worry, it will still be the same top quality food from the same company, just with a new name and some different graphics! As the new food comes through we will be adding it to orders, so you may receive this brand if you ordered New Era.
* Wholesome daily diet for African Rift Lake Cichlid fishes * Soft sinking pellets are made from sustainably sourced ingredients * Red pellets for carnivores
New EraMaintain color and vitality in your African Cichlids with this advanced staple diet. Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets are formulated specifically for Cichlids from the African Rift Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi. New Era Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets are produced by a unique, low temperature, low-pressure process that locks in vital nutrients. New Era uses sustainably sourced ingredients to reduce pressure on the planet's resources. A great staple diet for supporting vitality, color, and overall health. New Era Rift Lake Red Cichlid Pellets boast a high protein formula made with fishmeal, krill, squid, shrimp and more to satisfy the cravings of all predatory carnivorous cichlids species from Africa including: Haplochromis, Alonocara, Protomelas, Judiochromis, Nimbochromis, and Neolamprologus. Feeding Guide Feed up to three times per day. Do not overfeed. Remove any uneaten food from the aquarium. Store this food in a cool, dry place, and do not place wet fingers into container.
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