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New Era Tropical Pellet 1.5mm 120g

New Era Tropical Pellet 1.5mm 120g

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New Era is changing! Soon the name will change to Vitalis...Don't worry, it will still be the same top quality food from the same company, just with a new name and some different graphics! As the new food comes through we will be adding it to orders, so you may receive this brand if you ordered New Era.
* A broad-spectrum daily diet ideal for all tropical freshwater fish * Boasts quality marine proteins and ingredients known for natural carotenoids * Helps support color, vitality and overall health in freshwater tropical fish of all sizes New EraMaximize the vitality of your tropical freshwater fish with this broad-spectrum daily diet made with high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources. New Era Tropical Fish Foods contain a unique balance of ingredients including quality marine proteins from crustaceans, mollusks, fish and algae, as well as immune-boosting vitamins. These formulas are produced by a unique, low temperature, low-pressure process that locks in vital nutrients. Ideal for all sizes of omnivorous tropical freshwater fish.
New Era Tropical food contains ingredients known for natural carotenoid pigments, as well as the vitamins A, D3, and E for support of a healthy immune system. This daily staple diet provides support your fishes' vitality, color and overall health. These sustainably sourced foods minimize the pressure on the planet's resources. . Pellets are ideal for large Characins/Tetras, Large Barbs, Gobies, Livebearers, Rainbows, Snakeheads, and Puffers.
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