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Reef Anabolics Nutrient Reduction 500ml

Reef Anabolics Nutrient Reduction 500ml

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Reef Anabolics Nutrient Reduction System (NRS) is a unique blend formulated with key carbon components enabling a controlled biological reduction of nutrients within a reef aquarium. NRS is a simple, safe and natural option that supports the denitrification process and the reduction of phosphate by boosting the activity of naturally occurring nutrient-reducing bacteria.  
NRS enables the user to achieve accurate adjustments giving more control to establish optimal nutrient parameters for coral health and development.  
Dosing instructions:  
Start with 1ml of carbon source solution per 100L (26.4 gallon)    
In order to have effective nutrient reducing bacteria, Reef Anabolics recommends to have sufficient quantities of biological media present within a system.
Nitrate/Phosphate Level Guidelines
NOand PO4 levels 
Daily Dose rate ml / 100L (26.4 gallon) 
NO3 above 10ppm and PO4 above 0.2ppm
NO3 between 2.5 and 10ppm and PO4 between 0.1ppm and 0.2ppm
NO3 below 2.5ppm and PO4 below 0.03ppm and 0.1ppm
Nitrate and phosphate test kits should be used to achieve best results.
It is recommended to use a dosing pump with NRS for optimum results. Make sure the container and tubing is kept almost closed to limit evaporation. 
Reduction of nutrients will not be identified instantly. Allow up to two weeks for measurable results as it takes time for nutrient reducing bacteria to multiply and build up before nitrate and phosphate begins to drop.
Warning: It is not recommend to exceed 3ml of NRS per 100L (26.4 gallon) in a 24 hour period. Surpassing this amount may cause an undesirable bacteria bloom. 
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Proper aquarium care will encourage the best results from this product. This product is for domestic aquarium use only. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and store in a secure location out of direct sunlight. 
Ingredients:  Deionised water, proprietary blend of organic carbon sources.






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