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Solarmax 80W 5FT T5HO Bar Reef Light Fitting + Reflector

Solarmax 80W 5FT T5HO Bar Reef Light Fitting + Reflector

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SolarMax 80W 5FT T5HO Bar Light Fitting + Reflector
Maximum Heat Dispersion
Open design and Australian Approved internal electronic ballast means hot air can flow through the lighting elements, allowing heat to dissipate quickly before it can affect water temperature, saving you power and protecting your livestock.
Energy Efficient
T5 lighting technology emits more light with less power and radiated heat compared to other conventional forms of aquarium lighting.
SolarMax Anodized aluminium batten body is finished with a coating formulated as reef specific as well as waterproof end-caps and W-shaped reflectors.
Engineered for the Professional Reefer
SolarMax is constructed with Aquarium performance tested coated aluminum and plastics. These materials will not color fade and is resistant to cracking & non-corrosive under normal operating conditions. Giving you the dependability you need and the performance your reef deserves
Optimum Health
Using a combination of deep blue and daylight tubes, corals respond better with a SolarMax due to its precise light spectrum.

One Year Warranty

You will have peace of mind knowing the SolarMax is warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults of the SolarMax body & controll gear for 12 months.

Blue Actinic 03 globe and White 10000K globe included.
Product Size (mm): L1502 x H95 x W104
Aquarium Length: 5 foot
Power: 230-240v
Tubes: T5HO80W
Installation: Clip-on, screw-on sides or cable suspension


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