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Spectrum Gel mix

Spectrum Gel mix

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New Life Spectrum® GelMIX and DoughMIX foods are the newest addition to our lineup — designed specifically for those situations where a pellet isn’t practical or called for. Both are powders that you can easily mix with water to create a soft food that is an ideal replacement for frozen foods. And both use the high-density Spectrum nutrition formula, making it a far more balanced, complete diet than frozen foods.

Plus, because they are powders that you can make to order as you need it, New Life Spectrum® MIX foods have a long shelf life in the jar. Only the portion you make needs refrigeration, and you can make just enough for a feeding or two (or as many as you want).

GelMIX is a soft, water-stable gel that can be placed in the tank as a feeding station for grazers and bottom-feeders. It remains stable in your aquarium water for 6-8 hours. Not only that, but GelMIX can be used as a feeding station for fish used to foraging off rocks or corals. Just coat the mix onto your decorative rocks or coral skeletons before the gel sets, and you are set.

DoughMix is a unique type of food created exclusively by New Life: feeding dough. It’s a soft, pliable food that will stick to virtually any aquarium glass. This means that you can set-up a midwater feeding station in your aquarium without food holders or other gadgets. Plus, you can form them into any size pellets you want — great for large fish. You can also create feeding stations by sticking the dough onto rocks or coral skeletons.

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