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Spectrum Probiotix Medium pellet 300g

Spectrum Probiotix Medium pellet 300g

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New Life Spectrum® doesn’t do marketing gimmicks. If they release it, it has to work. They have created a real probiotic food with a biologically effective concentration of probiotic bacteria(at least 3 million viable cultures per gram!). The probiotics aren’t just coated on the surface. Plus, thanks to their innovative cold re-extrusion, the probiotics are locked into the pellet for increasedshelf-life, and to ensure they get into your fish, not just wash away!

So, what is Probiotix®? It’s the Spectrum Nutrition Formula combined with their own mix of beneficial  probiotic cultures — at least 3 million per gram (which to our knowledge is the most of any aquarium food product). These add to the beneficial organisms that live in your fish’s gut and help aid digestion — more of the nutrients your fish eat are absorbed and converted (this is called utilization ratio). This means that with the same formula, Probiotix® is actually more nutritious because your aquarium companions get more out of each pellet! Plus, the nutrient formula is based on their most concentrated formulation: NLS Thera+A.

This boosted effectiveness also means there’s not as much waste byproduct going into your aquarium water. And the proprietary probiotic mix has an extra benefit: they added phosphate-eating bacteria that works in the gut, but also gets into the water column along with the waste — and from there into the filter media. The result? A virtuous cycle in the aquarium that works in the gut, the water and the biofilter.



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