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The water Cleanser 4 balls 44g

The water Cleanser 4 balls 44g

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Naturally occurring aquatic bacterial group, the Bacillus spp play a crucial role in nutrient recycling that results in provision of food source for other microorganisms. Their presence results in eliminating ammonia and nitrite and lower nitrate and phosphate levels from aquatic ecosystems.


Value & Benefits

  • Greatly reduced maintenance -more time between cleaning filters.

  • Enhance filter efficiency 

  • Less frequent water changes

  • Healthier water with fewer fish infections

  • Completely natural and environmentally friendly

  • Inexpensive to buy

  • Saves you on costs and time 

  • Very easy to use (we have a range of product to suit your aqurarium or pond)



How to use The Water Cleanser

  • Place The Water Cleanser where the water flow is greatest

  • Make sure the filter inlet is no higher than 25mm (1 inch) from bottom of your tank.

  • The Water Cleanser is highly effective with all sponge filters and internal power filters

  • External bio filters should be placed level or below the bottom of the tank

  • When filters are placed higher than the tank, The Water Cleanser will be less effective, unless there is high water flow and the pickup is no more than 25mm (1 inch) from the bottom of the tank

  • Hang-on filters are not ideal for use with The Water Cleanser. You can improve the outcome by placing a sponge over the inlet pipe or changing to in internal sponge filter

  • With The Water Cleanser, organic material will settle on the bottom of the tank. If the filter pick-ups are situated in the middle or top of the tank, the processed waste may build up and look unsightly

  • Where underwater plants are in pots with slow release fertilisers,  the water may not look clear

  • Once fully working you can have higher stocking density with faster recovery times.

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