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Therapeutic Salt 567gm

Therapeutic Salt 567gm

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Therapeutic Salt 567gm Fresh Water

A Novel Blend Containing Pure Evaporated Sea Salt, Essential Electrolytes and Allantoin for Fish Health


    Contains pure evaporated sea salt
    Reduces fish stress & the risk of osmotic shock
    Improves fish gill function
    Helps to promote slime coat
    Temporarily blocks nitrite toxicity
    Contains allantoin
    Adds essential electrolytes

MICROBE-LIFT/Therapeutic Salt for Quarantine Tanks reduces the amount of energy a fish must expend to maintain osmotic balance. In freshwater fish, this energy can be substantial. If your fish are suffering as a result of nitrite spike (a.k.a. Brown Blood disease), MICROBE-LIFT/Therapeutic Salt for Quarantine Tanks acts to slow the rate of nitrite uptake- possibly the difference between survival and death. With electrolytes, minerals and allantoin, which accelerates wound and fin healing, MICROBE-LIFT/Therapeutic Salt for Quarantine Tanks provides the necessary elements fish require to reduce stress and develop a healthy slime coat.


Be especially careful when adding any salt to tanks that contain aquatic plants as salt can have a toxic effect. Before adding salt to your tank, remove any zeolite products. Fish tend to emit excessive amounts of ammonia when salted, so be sure to test your water for ammonia spikes with MICROBE-LIFT/Ammonia Test Strips. Do not overdose.


Combine MICROBE-LIFT/Therapeutic Salt for Quarantine Tanks and tank water in a bucket and then spread the slurry around the perimeter of your tank. For stress reduction, use as needed. When changing water, use a hydrometer and add salt to return to 0.3% (1/2 cup per 10 gal.). Salt will not evaporate from tank and must be removed through water changes.

For Salt Dip

Mix 5 cups of salt into 10 gal. of water. Add fish, one at a time. Watch until fish gasps and begins to turn over. Then scoop fish out with a sock net and immediately place fish into fresh clean tank water. Estimated duration 3-5 minutes. Fish should be monitored continuously while in the salt dip and removed immediately at the first sign of stress.

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