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Tunze Multicontroller 7096

Tunze Multicontroller 7096

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Tunze Multicontroller 7096


The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 can be used for controlling all Turbelle® pumps featuring electronic motors. The controller is configurable and can be programmed using a computer with USB connectivity. It features a 8-Bit high-performance microprocessor with memory maintaining the settings in the case of a power failure:
For setup by means of a computer, the Multicontroller does not have to be connected to the pumps.
Upon completion and saving of the set-up on the computer, the data will also be saved in the Multicontroller.
The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 features the functions of Multicontroller 7095 and Wavecontroller 7092 as well as some new control options. It simulates the different ocean current conditions in the aquarium and features a particularly bright LED moonlight.
Scope of supply: Multicontroller with photocell / moonlight and holder, 5m USB cable, 4 connecting cables, CD with Windows-compatible control software.
Can be used with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Win7, Vista and Mac.
Dimensions: L120 x W31 x H56mm


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