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1200 (4ft)High Power T8 LED Tube

1200 (4ft)High Power T8 LED Tube

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SKU:SKU 4ft 6500K 20W

1200mm (4ft) High Power T8 LED Tube 20W 6500K White

This LED light is ideal for freshwater planted aquariums

This is a 4ft T8 replacement LED tube, used 20 x 1W 6500K(White) LED's

This LED T8 tube has been made for fresh and marine aquariums in 6500K (White) and will fit into a standard T8 Florecent fitting.

T8 LED Tubes are an ideal replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes as they have the advantages of high brightness, being energy efficient and a super long lamp life of 40,000 hours without any flickering.

T8 LED Tubes have the same dimensions as traditional fluorescent tubes and will plug directly into a fluorescent 2 prong receptable making them a great replacement alternative for standard fluorescent tubes. When installing a T8 LED Tube as a replacement for a fluorescent tube, the existing ballast is removed saving you more on energy and replacement costs as ballasts can break or fail. Having the ballast removed ensures a longer lamp life. Installation of T8 LED Tubes is simple but does require the services of a qualified electrical contractor. There is also no drivers or reflector parts needed or any transformers which use additional power.

There is no mercury, infrared or harmful UV rays emitted from T8 LED Tubes making them environmentally friendly and safe to use and run. T8 LED Tubes can be used in the home, office, warehouse, supermarket, buses, trains and more. T8 LED Tubes are also ideal display lighting and signage and for task lighting in visually intensive environments such as the kitchen or for reading and writing.

T8 LED Tubes are made from Polycarbonate Cover making them sturdy and durable. One of the best benefits of using T8 LED Tubes as replacements for existing fluorescent tubes in the office, home or any workplace is that they have an instant start and have no flickering reducing eye strain.


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