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UVL 24W T5 V-HO Actinic White Bulb 12000K

UVL 24W T5 V-HO Actinic White Bulb 12000K

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SKU:SKU 24W UVL Actinic White

UVL 24W T5 V-HO Actinic White Bulb 12000K

Professional Series. 180 degree Reflective Lamp
A coating of silver oxide on half cylinder of tube. These new reflector lamps are estimated to produce 20% more PAR than non-Internal Reflector lamps of the same type.
Combines the properties of a Super Actinic bulb with a full-spectrum daylight bulb producing a color temperature of approximately 12000K.
Utilizes a proprietary blend of unique phosphors exclusive only to UVL (URI).
Dual coated phosphor and long mounted filaments to achieve long life.
No color shift.
12000° Kelvin Temperature
Used for soft and hard coral tanks
50% Actinic 03 & 50% Tri-band phosphor adds color enhancements
Useful life: 4500 hours

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