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Giesemann 250W 1200 Long 230 +T5 Version

Giesemann 250W 1200 Long 230 +T5 Version

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Giesemann 250W 1200 (4ft) Long 230 +T5 Metal Halide Version

This fitting incorporates the new T5 fluorescent bulbs instead of compact globes for more light power and to control and utilize the full spectrum of all the available t5 fluorescent globes available to the hobbyist today.

The aim in the development of the Giesemann 230 Eco/Plus System was to satisfy the requirement of as many aquarist as possible with a single range of lights. No surprise that this model quickly became one of the most popular aquarium light anywhere. Boasting a low-slung, gently contoured design, the fixture is crafted from a high-quality extruded aluminium alloy, thus guaranteeing virtually noiseless operation and an exceptional finish. Runned by the new generation of magnetic ballast and digital starter, the system provides comfort in use and in efficiency for optimum metal halide lamp control. The digital starter technology has the advantage of being particularly quiet with no startup noise while the built in electronics system shuts down defective lamps before they can damage the light.

The fixture comes with low-loss, partially printed UV filters and parabolic, low-glare aluminum reflector as standard equipment. Among the carefully thought design features of the system 230 are ease of lamp replacement, when only one screw needs to be slackened, and the ability to adjust the fixture horizontally to set the light output to suit individual requirements.

Metal halide illumination and digital ignitor. UV protection glass and steel wire suspension. Very flat design, powder coated body and high performance reflector.

    Axially and horizontally adjustable suspension system  
    Digital starter technology, low-loss ballasts  
    Ultraviolet absorbing filter in special stained glass  
    Computer-designed high-efficiency reflectors (parabolic)  
    2 x T5 Fluorescent bulbs rather than compact globes.  
    Steel wire suspension  
    2 x 250W M/H globe + 2 x T5 54W Florescent tubes
    Unit is Silver   

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