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UVL 39W T5 V-HO 454nm Actinic

UVL 39W T5 V-HO 454nm Actinic

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SKU:SKU 39W UVL 454nm Actinic

UVL 39W T5 V-HO 454nm Actinic

Professional Series. 180 degree Reflective Lamp
A coating of silver oxide on half cylinder of tube. These new reflector lamps are estimated to produce 20% more PAR than non-Internal Reflector lamps of the same type.
As you might have guesses, the 454 has an emission spectrum peak at 454nm which is smack dab in between the fluorescence excitation peaks of 420 and 470nm. Even if this bulb doesnt ping exact known fluorescence excitation peaks, this light should still bring out many colors which are largely under represented by most light spectrums available in the aquarium lighting market.

    85% Tri-Band Blue 15% Actinic
    Useful life 4500 hours
    Pops additional fluorescence from the corals
    Blue Chlorophyll
    Ultra Blue Lamp
    85% Blue Spectrum, Peaks at 454nm
    15% Blue Spectrum, Peaks at 424nm

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