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55W Power Compact Tubes Actinic

55W Power Compact Tubes Actinic

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55W Power compact tubes Actinic

Actinic Globe

Aquarium Light, 420 nm actinic 03/blue. Peaks at 430nm. Bright blue color, like a 20k. Deeper penetration, excellent for reef tanks, refugiums, saltwater aquariums, and corals. High intensity Light. Penetrates deeper than white light.
Power: 55 W
Color: Ultra Actinic Blue 420nm
Pins: 4 straight pins

We have power compacts available in Full 10000K,  Actinic and in 50-50 atinic/10 000K globe(one 1/2 is 10K and other 1/2 is actinic).

Please note we can not take responsibility for damage during transport and postage.

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