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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 2 3L

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 2 3L

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The substrate where the aquatic plants grow with roots is the most important part of the Nature Aquarium. Among the AQUA SOIL series, produced from natural soil, AQUA SOIL-Amazonia made from black soil has become a standard substrate material from its high performance in aquatic plants growth. Here we introduce features of new substrate material, AQUA SOIL-Amazonia II.
Aqua Soil-Amazonia II is a new substrate produced from natural black soil, different from Aqua Soil Amazonia. It has a characteristic that water does not become cloudy though it does not decrease pH much.

Easy-to-use substrate material for aquarium starters.

AQUA SOIL-Amazonia has been used as a standard substrate material of the Nature Aquarium by planted aquarium hobbyists in the world over long years because of the abundant nutrients contained in natural black soil. But the Amazonia soil has a drawback, making aquarium water in some cases cloudy at early stage of setting, and aquarium starters may feel awkward to use the Amazonia soil.
To solve this, last year, AQUA SOIL-Amazonia Light was released.
As indicated on the diagram below, AQUA SOIL-Amazonia Light has a characteristic that it lowers the pH of water as well as Amazonia, and has less components to dissolve in water, so it is difficult to contaminate the water. On the other hand, the growth of aquatic plants was slower than that of Amazonia explosively growing aquatic plants, and there were voices calling for faster growing of aquatic plants.
AQUA SOIL-Amazonia II is a new type of substrate which elutes about same amount of organic materials as Amazonia soil (measured with COD level), and twice as much as nitrogen content (measured with NH4, NO2, and NO3 level) of AQUA SOIL-Amazonia Light, though pH value does not drop like Amazonia Light.
As below, you will find comparison of growing aquatic plants on Amazonia, Amazonia II, and a combination of both, so please refer to the selection of the substrate in the future.
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