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API Ammo-Carb 284g

API Ammo-Carb 284g

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API Ammo-Carb Activated Filter Carbon & Ammonia Remover

API Ammo-Carb Activated Filter Carbon & Ammonia Remover Ammo-Carb is a unique blend of activated carbon and ammonia-removing resin. The activated carbon removes toxic organic waste, colours, and foul odours. The ammonia-removing resin removes ammonia produced from decaying fish waste and uneaten fish food and the ammonia in chloramine. Phosphate free. For freshwater aquariums.

Protect your fish--use Ammo-Carb. It's like a double filtration system in your aquarium. Use 1/2 cup of Ammo-Carb for each ten gallons of aquarium water--Ammo-Carb can be used in all filter cartridges. Replace Ammo-Carb every 30 days--or sooner if unusual odour or colour is detected.

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