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Aqua-One HaliGlo metal halide light with LED 1000

Aqua-One HaliGlo metal halide light with LED 1000

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The MG-D series of Metal Halide lighting unit sticks to the same elegant design as the MG but are much more powerful units. Ideal for the deeper aquarium where inhabitants rely upon bright light to survive. The great advantage with the MG-D is that it is supplied with an external ballast with build in analogue timer. The timer is easy to adjust as it is not attached to the light unit. Heat production is also reduced as the ballast isn't mounted inside the light unit. The light unit is lighter making it easier to suspend.
The MG-D produces the correct spectrum of light for the essential reproduction of zooanthellae inside coral cells. When suspended high above the aquarium as with the MG you get the "shadow play" effeect created by rippling surface water. Integrated analogue timers for ease of use
14000 Kelvin Metal Halide lamps Stylish alloy design External ballast means cooler water and less weight Can be suspended above the tank or fitted to the tank One MG Combination system can match the light intensity of several fluorescent lamps making it cost effective in comparison Proven to produce excellent plant growth in freshwater aquaria
250 watt twin fitting Fixings provided in the kit 2 Year Guarantee 5 meter cable
Model Length in cm...100
Bulbs 2x 250w metal halide 2x LED
Timers x2
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