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Aqua-One metal halide light MG 1000

Aqua-One metal halide light MG 1000

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The MG series of Metal Halide light units are the personification of aquarium style. The elegant design will enhance any aquarium set up.
The combination of metal halide and blue fluorescent PL tubes as standard provide the complete light spectrum, essential for the reproduction of Zoochlorellae in coral cells. Changing the colour temperature lamps can transform the Light output to the ideal combination for freshwater plants. The higher intensity lights spectrum produced is far more effective in deeper aquariums than fluorescent tubes alone (up to several times more effective) where the inhabitants rely upon bright light to survive.
When suspended high above the aquarium the 'shadow play' created by rippling surface water creates a far more pleasing effect than the 'flat' light created by conventional lighting alone.
By combining a high light intensity metal halide bulb with a range of colour spectrum that is associated with fluorescent bulbs, the Aqua One combination system will meet the needs of the most demanding coral or plant.
Modern slim line design. Can be suspended above the tank or fitted to the tank Blue atinics for optimum coral growth Separate controls for atinics and metal halides Include 14,000 Kelvin Metal Halide lamps and blue PL lamps Anti-glare shields Fixings provided in the kit 2 Year Guarantee One MG Combination system can match the light intensity of several fluorescent lamps making it cost effective in comparison Proven to produce excellent plant growth in freshwater aquaria
4 x 18 W blue pl lamps 2 x 150 W metal halide lamps 100cm long 240W/50HZ
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