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Aqua-Pics KH Generator 7.0 250g

Aqua-Pics KH Generator 7.0 250g

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kH Generator 7.0
Contains phosphates.
For when pH stability is a problem and pH Up or pH Down are not doing the job (they are simply Band Aids on the problem), the solution lies in raising the kH (carbonate hardness) of your water.
Neutral kH 7.0 Buffer raises carbonate hardness, locking the pH at around 7.0, stopping pH fluctuation to create pH stability and reducing stress on fish.
Add 1 teaspoon (4g) to 10 litres of water to raise carbonate hardness by approximately 7dkH (125ppm)
Aqua-Pics products are made by an Australian owned company and have been tried and tested in Australian conditions.
Top quality conditioners and treatments made by hobbyists for hobbyists!
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