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Aqua-Pics No More Blackbeard algae treatment 500mL

Aqua-Pics No More Blackbeard algae treatment 500mL

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No More Black Beard
Black Beard algae can be a virulent problem that occurs in many planted aquariums. This can result in poor plant growth. When Bearded algae becomes a problem, you should add No More Black Beard to aquariums and ponds for lush green plant growth.
After a major water change of 30-40%. For 1st dose, add 5ml for each 50 litres of water, then add 1ml per 40 litres water every 2 days for 1-3 weeks.
Aqua-Pics products are made by an Australian owned company and have been tried and tested in Australian conditions.
Top quality conditioners and treatments made by hobbyists for hobbyists!

Does not work for getting rid of Pirates!

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