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Weipro Aquarium PH-2010 Controller 0~14pH

Weipro Aquarium PH-2010 Controller 0~14pH

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Weipro Aquarium PH-2010 Controller 0~14pH


* Led Display

* Auto. Test PH and realtime operation

* Simple Operation for monitor PH value

* Durable and Reliable

* Ideal For Salt Water and Fresh Water

* The controler can power on the CO2(Not included)or calcium reactor(Not included) to control the PH value


* Measurement- 0~14pH
* Resolution- 0.01pH
* Accuracy- 0.01pH
* Power for 220V to 240V 50/60Hz


1. Connect the AC power (230V/240V~50/60Hz).

2. Connect the PH electrode to PH terminal.

3. Put the PH electrode into the buffer solution with the standard PH7. Adjust the knob "CAL/PH7" with the plastic screwdriver until the display reads "7.00".

4. Put the PH electrode int the water after calibration and start to work.

5. Normally, the best PH for plant aquarium is PH6.8~PH7.2 and for the seawater aquarium is PH8.0~8.4.

6. Connect the CO2 system(Not included) to the controller and it will lower the PH with the CO2 system.

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