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Blue Life Clear FX Planted 450ml

Blue Life Clear FX Planted 450ml

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Blue Life USA`s Clear FX PLANTED is an advanced comprehensive filter media formulated to be the only filter media needed to ensure the health, clarity, and stability of your planted aquarium. With its cutting edge all-in-one technology, Clear FX PLANTED specifically targets and removes the organics that feed nuisance algae in your freshwater aquarium without removing important trace elements. Clear FX PLANTED also promotes healthy, vibrant fish and plants by raising redox (ORP) in your tank. This new formula contains double the organic scavenger resin, giving you more algae-removing benefits and producing even clearer water. You will be amazed with the resulting clarity and overall appearance of your aquarium and its inhabitants!


  • All-in-One bagged filter media
  • Controls ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates
  • Polishes water clear without lowering needed phosphates
  • Easy-to-use formula specific for planted aquaria
  • Increases oxygen levels, which promotes vibrancy and activity for your tank inhabitants
  • Decreases need for water changes
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Minimal rinsing required
  • Rapid results

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