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BLV 250W DE 14K

BLV 250W DE 14K

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BLV 250W DE 14K Metal Halide Globe

USHIO BLV™ metal halide lamps feature the best combination of color balance, color rendering and light output for healthy marine aquarium and reef system lighting. The USHIO BLV factory in Germany, collaborated with leading marine biologists to develop the first 10,000K metal halide lamps. We have successfully set the benchmark of quality for over ten years.

The BLV™ 10,000K lamps have a high color temperature from a single point source which simulates the appearance of sunlight near the equator in ocean depths of approximately 5 meters. BLV™ 14,000K and 20,000K+ lamps simulate water color at deeper depths and with differing wavelength spikes. Coral fluorescence will be excited in some species under the enhanced blue spectrum of the 14K and 20K + lamps. The superior spectral balance of the BLV™ lamps are ideal for lighting and environmental conditions for reef systems. This includes fish, coral, invertebrates, marine fauna and flora.

 ● High color temperature — 10000K, 14000K, 20000K
 ● Excellent color rendering — 90 CRI
 ● Superior spectrum balance
 ● High color stability
 ● High intensity
 ● Made in Germany


 ● Marine aquariums
 ● Terrariums
 ● Salt water reefs; hard corals
 ● Plants
 ● Fountains
 ● Waterscape
 ● Pools

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