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Boyd Chemi-Mat

Boyd Chemi-Mat

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Boyd Chemi-Mat

Removes phosphates, Can be placed with other filter media, Quick and convenient.

Chemi-mat comes with two 6”x 12” sheets

Chemi-Mat is a revolutionary 12" x 12" phosphate filter pad for salt and fresh tanks. Simple and easy to use – just drop it into your tank, and it starts removing phosphates within 24 hours. After a total of 36-48 hours, simply remove the pad and throw it away. There's no physical breakdown of the pad and no phosphates released back into tank. Chemi-Mat contains no chemicals, does not affect pH and eliminates almost all PO4

Keep the Chemi-Mat in it's bag until ready to use. Use both sheets at once. There is a 24 hour wetting period. Make sure it is fully submerged and a steady flow of water is present over the pad. Discard after 48 hours of use. Chemi-mat cannot be regenerated

Boyd's Chemi-mat is a simple and easy to use pad that will remove all the diluted phosphates from your fresh or salt water aquarium with in 48 hours. The phosphates are now held within the pad without fear of releasing them back into aquarium. With Chemi-mat you can rid yourself of all the problems associated with the other phosphate removers. Some remove phosphates to slowly and some give concern that there will be a reaction to the other chemicals present in your aquarium. Other methods have a physical breakdown, endangering both the filtration system and the aquarium chemical balance. The Chemi-mat pad is built both chemically and structurally sound and it will retain its integrity not only during the 48 hours that it requires to eradicate the phosphate, but for as long as you leave it in place.

Chemi-mat requires an initial wetting out period for 24 hours, prior to be coming active. After that, it will absorb the phosphates as they pass through the pad for an additional 24 hours (two days total).Because Chemi-mat cannot release the captured phosphate, the pad may be left safely in the aquarium or filter for an extended period pass the minimum 48 hours. When the process has been completed simply remove the pad and discard.

Chemi- mat should only be used when you have identified that the phosphates are present. This is normally indicated by an outbreak of hair algae or the use of phosphate test kit. Although no harm will be done to you’re aquarium, if you add another pad for normal maintenance, it will be impossible to know when the pad has become fully saturated.

Chemi-mat comes with two 6”x 12” sheets. Both must be used simultaneously and will treat up to 1500 litres. Chemi-mat can be placed in almost any filter and does not need water to be forced through it. Simply ensure that the pad is completely submerged and, if installed in the filter, has an adequate flow over or through it. Chemi-mat cannot be regenerated

Chemi-mat is non-toxic and contains no chemicals that would make it environmentally unsafe.

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