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Eheim compact+ 3000 Submersible Pump (1101220)

Eheim compact+ 3000 Submersible Pump (1101220)

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SKU:SKU EHEIM compact+ 3000 1101220

EHEIM compact+ 3000  1101220

1 - For use in water.
2 - Supplied adapters make it suitable also for outside water.

High, controllable output from a compact unit – that’s what these pumps represent.

These new models complete the range of compact pumps. Suitable for use in or out of water.
Pump outpute 1000 - 3000 l/h
Power consumption 55 Watt
Connectors / Distributions in ø mm.
Suction side 20
Pressure side 20
Hose ø mm 19/27
Dimensions (HxWxD)mm 138x82x126
Delivery head Hmax 3 m

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