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Eheim Diffusor for Air pump

Eheim Diffusor for Air pump

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SKU:SKU EHEIM Diffusor for Air pump

EHEIM Diffusor for Air pump

EHEIM diffusor for the operation with the EHEIM air pump or any other air pump. Incl. Suction cup and connection for air hose 4/6 mm. The air flow level and appearance is adjustable.

The felt washer of the EHEIM outlet may become clogged after some time. This will lead to an increased counter pressure reducing the flow rate and increasing the wear to the diaphragm. You should therefore replace the felt washer of your EHEIM outlet at regular intervals.


    Fine air bubbles produce

    around 25mm diameter

    Air flow level adjustable

    For 4mm air tube/ air line connection

    Suction cup included for mounting

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