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Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder 3581

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder 3581

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Eheim Fish Feeder

In your aquarium, feeding is performed by the battery-operated EHEIM automatic feeder.

The required quantity as well as the same daily feeding time can be programmed reliably with the relevant number of turns.

Can be manually operated.

With active ventilation for dry feed down to the last flake.

Programming for up to 4 feeding times daily,

Manual feeding on the press of a button,

Dosage of feed quantity. Capacity 100 ml / 0,02 / 0,03 US gal,

Battery operation with warning system. indicator.

The compact EHEIM feeding unit is operated by batteries. The actively aerated feeding chamber gives dry food down to the last flake. With simple to use programming, you decide when the fish should be fed. Double dosage of the food is also provided in the programming. "Snacks between meals" are possible at the press of a button at any time. A warning system informs you of low battery power.


    Electronically controlled programming allows up to four daily feedings of flake or granular foods.
    Choice of a single portion, double portion with 1-minute interval, or manual override settings.
    Integrated moisture prevention system.
    Large, easy-to-read LCD display/clock screen.
    Operates on two AA batteries, which are included.
    Cover has a low battery indicator.
    Straightforward and easy to use unit.
    Measures 5-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 2-1/2"
    100 ml Capacity
    Splash-proof function keys


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