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Forwater OSPURE 50 PRO 08 Reverse Osmosis water purifying unit

Forwater OSPURE 50 PRO 08 Reverse Osmosis water purifying unit

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OSPURE50 is a reverse osmosis system conceived and designed for aquariums and for all other uses where requires produce pure water through the process of reverse osmosis.
The reverse osmosis is a process by which there is a separation, by means of a semipermeable membrane, the pure water produced (permeate) of minerals, metals, colloids, organic substances and pollutants as well as bacteria contained in it which are flushed at the exhaust (concentrated ).
Manufactured in Italy using only the highest quality materials, the system guarantees high quality standards. The use of a restrictor, although more expensive, with quick couplings facilitates the operations of washing the dell'OSPURE50 PRO08 membrane without the use of tools with a simple and rapid operation.
Thanks to it the life of the membrane is significantly increased to have an average life of 7-10 years hence avoid such unnecessary and costly replacements.
OSPURE50 is a professional reverse osmosis system realized with screw joints and consists of two filters in line with products with a high degree of purity and materials made with food-grade components and non-toxic completions according to NSF standards for drinking water treatment systems to reverse osmosis. In contrast to economic osmosis systems that have only one filter and where the membrane is short-lived, the Forwater pre-filters allow the OSPURE50 to have perfectly clear and pure water by removing pollutants and unwanted substances in drinking water and safeguard membrane by early clogging and premature replacements. The plant is equipped with a Dow Filmtec original membrane produced in the US by 50 GPG (about 190 liters of water per day) with a capacity greater than 20% compared to the other membrane of equal magnitude with the same working pressure.
Thanks to the optimum pressure for which the plant needs only 3.5 bar pressure, preventing the purchase of expensive booster pumps and have a greater water production compared to a traditional system.
Uses and applications:
Reverse osmosis plant OSPURE50 consists of:
Mechanical filtration system consists of a cartridge in polypropylene sediment to 5 microns for the filtration of rust, sand, suspended particles (it is recommended to replace the cartridge every 2500 to 3000 gallons and not within the 4-6 months to allow the maximum life to the osmotic membrane and a constant yield);
System of filtration with activated carbon consists of an active in-line coconut charcoal cartridge capable of effectively adsorbing the chlorine that ruin the membrane and all harmful substances present in water such as pesticides, antigritogqamici, etc. (It is recommended to replace the cartridge every 2500 to 3000 gallons and not within the 4-6 months to allow maximum life to the osmotic membrane and a constant yield);
Osmotic membrane 50 GPD FILMTEC produced in the US by Dow Chemical, which dramatically reduces the content of the substances present in the feed with a rejection of about 97-98%. Through this process all unwanted substances dissolved in the water are separated through it, producing the permeate (absolutely pure water) and concentrated which is led to the drain (water containing dissolved salts and all pollutants).
the OSPURE50 components:
1 viewing Cartridge FORWATER PPRO5 to 5 micron polypropylene sediment
1 Cartridge online FORWATER GACROL charcoal for food use coconut fibre
1 FILMTEC Membrane 50 GPD high quality Made in USA
1 3/4 "adapter for 1/4" hose with quick connector for connection to the water network The inlet water must be potable. The details of the instructions and installation work are described in detail in the user manual supplied with the implant
Caution. The osmotic membrane contains a preservative solution. This solution is removed with the first water produced. Therefore, waste the the first 30 - 40 liters of water produced and each time it is replaced.
Parameters for the use of water for the plant OSPURE50:
maximum water pressure of 6 bar
ideal pressure 3.8 to 4 bar
Temperature 5 ° - 45 ° C
Iron less than 0.1 mg / l Manganese less than 0.05 ppm
Use with potable water. The systems must be connected only to drinking water. In the event that water is microbiologically polluted perform adequate disinfection.
OSPURE50 The system consists of in-line filters to be replaced regularly to keep a constant yield over time and quality of water for which it was designed:
Cartridge 5 micron line: replace every 2500 to 3000 gallons and not later than 6 months
Cartridge carbon: replace every 2500 - 3000 gallons and not later than 6 months Osmotic membrane from 50 gallons: replace every 5-7 years, if necessary
Technical data:
Membrane Production 90-160 l / g
Production Concentrate 2 - 4 times the consumption of water produced
Rejection saline 95-97%
Please be advised that R/O units are best installed either in a garage or a weather protected outside area as the risk of leakage could damage internal fixings. We are not responsible for any damage caused by leakage.
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