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Hailea HC-100A 1/20hp Chiller Marine Aquarium to 100L

Hailea HC-100A 1/20hp Chiller Marine Aquarium to 100L

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Hailea HC chillers have strong metal chassis with a housing of contemporary design,ensuring the chiller does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with other cooling units,our chillers-the HC series use the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a.

Lower noise design,whilst the digital temperature ontroller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained.

The rate of flow is decided according to the max jet of the pump(immersible power filter) and the circulation equipment.

These top quality chillers are made on the same assembly line as your AQUA-MEDIC and use the same internals.

Hailea HC-100A
Power: 1/20HP
220~240V 50Hz Autralia Plug
Working Current: 0.6A
Water Refrigerated: 50~220L Best for tanks up to 100L
Iced Medium: R134a
Rate of Flow: 200~1000L/H
Size: 338x218x325mm

Hailea Chiller is one of the most popular aquarium water temperature control equipment in the Australia market. Many aquarium hobbyists choose hailea chillers, rather than other chiller brands, for good reason.

    Reliable& quiet chiller unit, suitable for indoor aquarium water control.
    Economical solution-Hailea chiller costs less for the chillers at the same power.
    Strong metal chassis to ensure the chiller to work quietly.
    Digital LCD Control Display-easy to control the water temperature (3 Centigrade min.)
    Contemporary housing does not look out of place in the surroundings.
    Environmental-friendly refrigerant R134a
    Titanium Heat Exchanger, suitable for fresh & marine water.
    The chiller can be powered by a water pump or power filter.

Chiller colour is Black

**The tank size chart is only a guideline.  Factors such as ambient room temperature and the heat load
from lighting, pumps, and other accessories need to be considered when sizing a chiller.  When the tank
size is close to the maximum range it is best to advance to the next size chiller.

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