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Jag Aquatics Complete Starter 250ml

Jag Aquatics Complete Starter 250ml

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Complete Starter is the most affordable all in one fertiliser on the market. It has absolutely everything you need for a thriving planted tank just in a safer diluted form. Best used for brand new tank starts or tanks with an abundant level of fish. 

Alternatively, this product can also be used with the Jag Aquatics Advanced Range of macro and micro elements such as iron, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Primary macro nutrients ratio:

 Nitrate Phosphate Potassium
10 1 10


Secondary macro nutrients ratio:

 Magnesium Sulphur
1 4


Micro-nutrients percentage in 100 ml of fertiliser

 Iron Manganese Copper Molybdenum
0.2% 0.048% 0.005% 0.005%
Zinc Boron Cobalt
0.026% 0.022% 0.006%


DOSAGE GUIDE               

Add half cap (5ml) per 100L (26gal) of aquarium water, three times per week.

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