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Laguna Max-Flo Power Pump

Laguna Max-Flo Power Pump

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Laguna Max-Flo Power Pump

    Maximum head height 5 metres
    Handles solids up to 3/4" / 20 mm
    7.6 m electrical cord
    115 watts
    Built in Float switch
    3 year replacement warranty
    Made in Italy

Max-Flo PowerPump generates continuous and reliable water circulation for a wide variety of pond applications, including pressurized filters, surface skimmers, filter falls and other filtration systems. It is also ideal for pondless waterfalls and for creating waterfalls and watercourses.

Features include:
• Manual Mode (allows for use in very shallow water - as low as 1"/2.3 cm)
• Auto Mode (automatically shuts off pump when water is below the electronic float control system, protecting the pump from running dry. After adding water it will run normally).
• Pump will automatically reset itself and restart after tripping the thermal switch.
• Fully submersible.
• Ideal for pondless waterfalls.

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