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Marco Rock FOUNDATION (flat base) per kg

Marco Rock FOUNDATION (flat base) per kg

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White, porous rock ideal for reef aquariums.

With one side machined to be quite flat, these rocks are great for rock scaping bases.

Marco Rocks was founded in 2006. Spawned out of the belief that our industry needed a responsible "green" alternative to wild collected live rock. They quickly out grew their Mass Location
In 2008 they expanded into a Key Largo location and thanks to your overwhelming support we quickly out grew that location also.

In 2010 they moved to our current location in Homestead Florida, A fully licensed Florida aquaculture facility on over 5 acres. Now exporting to 7 countries, they produce all of our own rock products and are the largest producer and shipper of aquarium rock in the USA.

Preparation, rinse in clean water before use.

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