Red Sea Marine Care Reef mature pro Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Reef mature pro Kit

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Reef Mature Pro Kit
A complete biological maturation for reef aquariums, providing nitrification, nitrate and phosphate reduction
Nitro Bac | Bacto-Start | NO3:PO4-X | KH Coralline Gro

Red Sea’s Reef Mature Pro Kit provides a complete program for the biological maturation of your reef aquarium, establishing full nitrification plus nitrate and phosphate reduction in a few weeks.
Most biological ‘cycling’ products only provide the bacteria that convert toxic waste products to nitrate. Red Sea’s Reef Mature Pro Kit completes the biological maturation process by establishing thriving colonies of anoxic (de-nitrifying and phosphate harboring) bacteria as well as ensuring the necessary conditions that will promote the growth of coralline algae and other micro fauna found in live rock and within a sand bed.
By using Red Sea’s Complete Marine Care Test Kit, you can monitor all essential water parameters during maturation.

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