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Marine Sources Devil / Diablo DC 5000S Pump

Marine Sources Devil / Diablo DC 5000S Pump

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Marine Sources Devil / Diablo DC 5000S Pump

Packing Box Size: 242 / 222 / 142 MM
Feature & Description:
Six Speed and RPM Adjustable
10 Minutes Feed Mode
Intelligent IC Detection System
- Automatic power-off protection when no water
- Automatic Motor protection when the rotor is blocked
Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation
Speed Controller Included
Used in Marine Water and Fresh Water
Skimmer Pinwheel Pump DC5000S Feature
1 Six speed and RPM adjustable- can adjust your skimmer performance with six levels from weak to strong.
2 Intelligent micro chip: prevents the pump from overheating to cause damage.. . For example, sand could be sucked inside the pump etc. It will stop to running automatically until the pump temperature recovers and the pump is back to the normal situation
3 10 Min. Feed mode can stop the skimmer for 10 minute when we feed the fish.
4 Pro and new-improved needle wheel impeller and Venturi air intake design for skimmer
5 Power transformer is included. 100~240V / 50~60 Hz is suitable for all countries.
6 high quality polished ceramic shaft makes the pump work quietly.
Water outlet can be installed to different directions.

Watts 39W
VOLT 100~240V convert to 24V DCPower
Max. Flow 1800L/H

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