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Marlin ECO-DC 4000 Water Pump

Marlin ECO-DC 4000 Water Pump

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DC Controllable aquarium pump, flow rate 4,000 lph 


Max head 4m


Reliable and quiet, Marlin pumps are unique as they feature a wave maker function as well as just pumping volumes of water.


Pump can be controlled to save power and made to surge elminating the need for lots of wave making pumps.


Can be used underwater and with modification out of the water (as long as there is a constant flow of water Important, when used like this, warranty is 12 months only)

Features a unique impeller cooling system that vents a small amount of water out of the back of the unit that both cools and helps to keep the impeller clean, ensuring that the pump lasts for a long time!


24 month warranty, 35w max 10w min power, constant flow rate (20 levels) Wave pulsing mode (20 levels)


Ceramic shaft, locking impeller cover (no metal screws or parts) 


Six Pole Intelligent DC three-phase drive


Can be used in salt or freshwater


20/25mm outlet size


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