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Microbe Lift Zeolite 1.021kg

Microbe Lift Zeolite 1.021kg

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MICROBE LIFT / Zeolite 1.021kg
Mineral Ammonia Remover

Pre-Colonized with Beneficial Bacteria

Easy Maintenance
Benefits of Zeolite

    Removes ammonia
    Improves water quality
    Reduces fish stress
    Protects against ammonia spikes

Benefits of Bacterial Pre-Colonization

    Reduces fouling
    Improves organic filtration efficiency
    Enhances nitrification
    Extends zeolite life

*Media bag enclosed

Fish constantly release ammonia into the aquarium's water. Uneaten fish food, waste and urine decompose and release toxic ammonia. Zeolites are used in an aquarium to remove ammonia in fresh water systems. The zeolite stones have microporous structures that can remove certain chemicals and the zeolite stones have surface area large enough for nitrifying bacteria to colonize.

It is not recommended to use zeolite in an un-cycled (new) aquarium.

*Salt and zeolite - When salt is added to the aquarium it prevents the zeolite rocks from removing the ammonia from the aquarium's water.
Available Sizes

    9 oz. (255 g.) (ZEOASM)
    18 oz. (1 lb. 2 oz. / 510 g.) (ZEOAMD)
    36 oz. (2 lb. 4 oz. / 1,021 g.) (ZEOALG)


    Keep out of the reach of children
    Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes thoroughly with cold water


    Before use, rinse thoroughly!
    Usage is determined by fish load and water quality.
    Always test your water for the ammonia content. Use MICROBE-LIFT/Ammonia Test Strips for an accurate reading.
        Zeolite can be recharged (cleaned of impurities).
        Make a solution of warm water and salt (be sure the salt is non-iodized).
        Dissolve 8 oz. (240 mL) of salt in a bucket with warm water.
        Soak the Zeolite for 2-3 hours
        Then rinse the recharged zeolite in clean tap water.
        Recharge when performance declines.
    Average use: Add 2-3 oz. per 10 gal. of water.


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