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Marine Sources DSP-2 Dosing Pump

Marine Sources DSP-2 Dosing Pump

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Marine Sources DSP-2

Marine Sources Dosing Pump DSP-2 Feature:
1 DSP-2 can connect to the DSP-1 to extend to 7 channels.
2 The DSP-1 can connect to 2 X DSP-2 model to extended up to 11 channel.
3 DSP-2 can not operate separately, it must connect to the master model DSP-1 to operate.
4 Made with high quality materials. long lasting and durable.


DSP-2 Size: 230 / 130 / 75 MM
DSP--2 is a extension of DSP-1 that it must be operated by coneecting to DSP-1 master model, please see below instruction

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