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Nitra-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE

Nitra-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE

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Nitra-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE 1.2kg

- Regenerates Nitra-Guard & all other ion exchange resins

 - Economical

 - Easy & convenient use

 - For freshwater & marine use

Directions for use

Mix 200g of Nitra-Guard RE-CYCLE in 2 liters of warm tap water (NOT hot or boiling water). This will regenerate approximately 250ml of Nitra-Guard. Soak Nitra-Guard in this solution for 24 hours. Cut the bottom of a 2lts plastic bottle off and make a small hole in the cap. Place Nitra-Guard media in the bottle and add Nitra-Guard RE-CYCLE solution so that it slowly flows out of the hole made in the cap. The longer & slower the regenerate solution flows out the bottom of the cap, the more efficient the regeneration process will be. Repeat process to ensure complete regeneration.


Even though Nitra-Guard contains no harmful chemicals, it is always wise to keep all chemicals out of reach of children or animals. If contacted with eyes, rinse with water for 10 minutes and seek medical attention. If contacted with skin, wash thoroughly with water. Always remember, safety first. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Not for human consumption. Contains inorganic salts of chloride

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