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PhosBan® 454g

PhosBan® 454g

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PhosBan® 454g

Julian Sprung's Marine Aquarium Formula

Synthetic ferric oxide hydroxide granules with an extremely high capacity for adsorbing phosphate from saltwater and freshwater. Also adsorbs silicate, and does not release adsorbed substances. Recommended by Julian Sprung for long-lasting and easy control of phosphate levels on a permanent basis.

Take care of your phosphate problem with Two Little Fishie's PhosBan, a new product in the Julian Sprung's Formula line. PhosBan is a highly porous super adsorbent granular filter media made from ferric oxide hydroxide. PhosBan binds so much phosphate that it can effectively keep phosphate levels in aquariums low for months. It is ideal for use in marine, reef aquariums, and freshwater aquariums. PhosBan gives long-lasting control of phosphate levels for a clean aquarium and enhanced growth of hard and soft corals. PhosBan Phosphate Adsorption Media. Problem solved.

Do not rinse before use. It can initially turn the aquarium water slightly brownish due to release of fine particles. This is temporary and harm- less to fishes, plants and inverts. To be effective. It must be used in a flow- through contact chamber, not merely placed in the aquarium. Put it in filter bag or between 2 layers of fine filter floss in a canister filter or filter chamber of a wet/dry filter or sump. Position so that the water is directed through it. It crumbles easily and should be packed firmly so that the granulars do not tumble, which would grind them. In a canister filter, the flow can be reduced with a valve on the output so that it is possible to measure zero phosphate in the water leaving the canister.
Synthetic Ferric Oxide Hydroxide

Treats :

 3600 litres ( freshwater )

 1800 litres  ( Saltwater )

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