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Red Sea Marine Care Magnesium Test Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Magnesium Test Kit

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Red Sea Magnesium  Test Kit

RedSea's Magnesium test Kit is an advanced titration test, measuring the level of Magnesium in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high resolution of 10ppm.

Testing For Magnesium (Mg) Is Important Because:

Magnesium plays an important role in any reef aquarium. In addition to its many biological functions, it serves to prevent the excessive precipitation of calcium and bicarbonate, which lowers the calcium level and causes a drop in alkalinity. Magnesium should be maintained at approximately 3 times the level of Calcium, measured in ppm.

Corals build approximately 90% of their skeleton by combining Ca and CO3 ions from the water to form Aragonite (CaCO3). The rest of the skeleton is made up from Magnesite (MgCO3), Strontianite (SrCO3), Calcite (a more brittle crystal structure of CaCO3), Fluorite (CaF2) and other minor and trace minerals.
In unbalanced conditions such as low levels of Mg and/or Sr the skeleton will develop with a higher proportion of Calcite making it more brittle and more susceptible to damage.

This Test Kit Comes Complete With:
Easy to Use Titrator,
Durable Plastic Housing Box,
Colour Card,
Full Instruction Manual,
Iodine Test Liquids,
Up To 100 Magnesium Test's.
Glass Test Vial.

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