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Repti-Star Sylvania 2ft 18W T8

Repti-Star Sylvania 2ft 18W T8

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Repti-Star Sylvania 2ft 18W

Reptistar UVA/UVB Tubes are designed for use with all reptiles

The Sylvania Reptistar is a lamp especially for the lighting of terraria. It promotes Vitamin D3 and thus increases your reptiles health, growth and well-being through a high content of UV-B (up to 5%) and UV-A (up to 30%). Improves the natural colours of your reptiles by a 6500 Kelvin full spectrum light with a high colour rendering index (group 1A).

Works in a 20watt light unit, true 60cm fitting. Ideal for reptiles that require high levels of UVA and UVB like Dragons. Globe is 587mm long
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