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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410

Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410

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TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410

Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But, no unit uses less current than TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410. At a power consumption of only 11 W (15 W), the DOC Skimmer has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers consuming more than twice as much power. In addition, no settings are required, it is extremely silent and it is easy to operate.

Skimmer cup (ø160 mm (6.2 in.)) with large capacity; also contains the foam reactor; can be removed easily.

Nipple for ozone connection. Ozone improves the skimming process and at the same time removes any yellowing matter in the aquarium water.
The removable post-filter at the outlet of the skimmer permits perfect mechanical filtration through 300 µm (11.8 mil) nylon mesh with little biological action only. This ensures that no unwanted nutrient and nitrate sources develop in case of longer cleaning intervals. The filter can be filled with other filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate absorber.
Stable base which also reduces the water velocity in the lower zone of the skimmer.

The mixing chamber with flow distributor binds an especially high amount of organic material.


The booster ring permits a fine adjustment of the performance, thus adapting the water level inside the skimmer as required for the production of somewhat wetter foam, for example.

Intermediate chamber with phase water: The patented Anti-Overfoaming System prevents an overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates the skimming action according to surface tension of the aquarium water and water level. The skimmer operates independently and automatically sets its best efficiency.

TUNZE® Hydrofoamer Silence 9410.040 
is a pump specifically developed for protein skimmers. The Hydrofoamer 
generates large volumes of fine air 
bubbles with a diameter of between 
0.1 to .3 mm (.004 to .012 in.). It has an energy consumption of only 11 W (15 W) at an air output of 600 l/h (158 USgal./h) which places this air generator at the top of its product class. At a water flow of 900 l/h (237 USgal./h), it is also used to supply the aquarium water to the skimmer.


DOC Skimmer 9410

Recommended for salt water aquariums up to 1,000 liters (265 USgal.).
Immersion depth from 140 to 240 mm (5.5 to 9.5 in.) without setting.
Dimensions without post-filter (L x W x H): 250 x 180 x 415 mm (9.8 x 7.0 x 16.3 in.) 
Water flow rate: 900 l/h (237.7 USgal./h)
Air capacity: 600 l/h (158.5 USgal./h)
Energy consumption: 11 W, 230V/50Hz (15 W, 115W/60Hz)
Skimmer cup volume: 0.7 liters (0.2 USgal.)

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