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Supreme Marine metal halide Globe 400W E40 Single-Ended 25K

Supreme Marine metal halide Globe 400W E40 Single-Ended 25K

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Supreme Marine Globe 400W E40 Single-Ended 25 000K

We introduce to you a brand new globe SMG made by one of the words top Metal Halide manufacturing facility that also make other world famous brands such as Narva, Aqualight Germany, Hamilton Technology, Sunlight Supply, Sfiligoi and Fauna Marin.

SMG has developed a range of metal halide globes for the marine hobbyist that can compete with the best names in the world but yet kept it affordable for everyone. The range comprises of 14,20 and 25K globes in 150W, 250W and 400W. SMG uses the latest German technology to ensure the best for your fish and corals. SMG will bring out maximum colors and growth of your corals as if they were growing under natural sunlight in the ocean.

All SMG Globes include UV Stop outer glass

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