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Sunsun YT-8000 Air Pump AC/DC Dual Use

Sunsun YT-8000 Air Pump AC/DC Dual Use

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Sunsun Air Pump AC/DC Dual Use 4L/min

AC/DC air pump is ideal for normal day to day air supply and also excellent as an backup air supply unit when your power supply fails, this unit will automatically switch over to DC power and pump vital live giving air up to 12 hours long on DC power.

Comes complete with built in DC battery included.

Has trim control to control the air flow

Special double-deck sound insolation, low noise, big air flow and high pressure.

Microcomputer control DC battery charging when AC power is plugged in.

Use only 8Watt

4L/min air supply

0.015MPA pressure

DC work time = 12hours

2 outlets (Dual outlet air supply)

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