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Alternative Reef Coral Dome

Alternative Reef Coral Dome

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This ceramic dome is perfect for housing plugs with Chalice or Montipora coral as they can colonise and spread into a good sized piece before plating out.


With a textured surface for better adhesion and made from a porous ceramic material.

Size 60mm in diameter.

Plug is removeable.

Sold in packs of 2.

The Alternative Reef has taken over 28 years of experience in the freshwater and marine hobby and used it to improve existing products and to create unique products specifically designed to make coral propagation easy and fun for everyone.

They are the first and most reliable supplier of ceramic propagation supplies in the industry.
Their ceramic plugs are more durable than aragonite, and are made of the most porous material available to us.
They do not need additional curing time and can be used right out of the bag.

Alternative reef products feel like rock, and once encrusted, will look like rock. In addition they will quickly colonize with bacteria and aid in biological filtration.
This is all just part of the attention to the quality and detail of their coral propagation products.

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